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anamed Elektrophorese GmbH

Manufacturer and distributor of precast gels for gel electrophoresis.

Preserving our resources is becoming ever more important at a global level, and so it is to us. A sample is furthermore simply too valuable a resource to analyse it using an untested gel. Using your in-house specialists to create gels, on the other hand, would significantly impact on their availability for other work. As many companies have already realised, the easiest solution to this dilemma is to simply outsource your gel production.

Simply leave your polyacrylamide gel production to the professionals and reap the benefits of our specialist expertise - allowing you to fully concentrate on your key skills. We produce a large range of homogenous gels and gradient gels to meet most specific requirements. All of our gels are tested and are high quality products. Our products are furthermore certified and conform to all essential requirements and specifications. anamed’s precast gels are not only a safe alternative, but also save time and resources, as well as helping you to avoid exposure to neurotoxic substances.

The use of certified technical equipment furthermore assures that all your electrophoreses are performed professionally. anamed’s flexible power supply unit power-phor-N furthermore is a highly versatile device that can be used both for electrophoresis and blotting. All of the unit’s parameters – voltage, amperage and output - can be individually adjusted.




anamed’s experts

Our main principle is to only produce high quality products. We meet this principle in a variety of ways. On the one hand, by only using high-quality raw materials, and on the other, by subjecting all of our products to strict quality checks - as certified by our Good Laboratory Practice Certificate (GLP).

No matter what the changes that are taking place in your laboratory – the quality of anamed precast gels will always be of the same high standard – a solid fact that you can rely on.

Complemented by our excellent logistics system, that means that our products are also rapidly delivered to your doorstep – as and when you need them. No matter whether you need an entire electrophoresis system or just some precast gels – we are a competent and flexible partner and support our customers in any way we can. For this reason, we also supply custom-made gels produced to customers’ specifications.

Should you have a need for a custom-made gel, please just ask one of our consultants for more information on this! Contact form

All of our products are extremely cost effective. The use of streamlined production processes and sophisticated manufacturing systems has enabled us to achieve definitive cost savings, which we are pleased to be able to pass on to our customers.

A clear mark of specialists at work!